Penstemon Festival

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The Penstemon Festival is sponsored by Great Basin Natives.  A nursery specializing in plants that are native to the Great Basin.  The Great basin is a large inland basin that covers most of Nevada and parts of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and a large part of Utah.  The first Penstemon Festival was held at Holden, Utah.  The festival will be held each year.

Penstemon Festival 2009

We met at Great Basin Natives for a presentation on penstemons.  Robert Johnson was the guest speaker who gave a history and description of penstemon.  The next morning we met here again and then car pooled to the Cal Valley road south and east of Scipio, Utah.  The we found five different penstemons.  All were in bloom except one.  It will bloom somewhat later.  There were many other native wild flowers in bloom.  We then went back to the nursery for lunch.  Pizza was served. 

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